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Royalty returns , The King can still Sing

With a simple text message at 2 in the afternoon I received as awesome a christmas or pre-apocalypse present as any!


11 years in the making!

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and maybe just maybe , the world didn’t end because they played!!!!

Quackery…speculation …sound scientific theory ……You Decide!


“And god I love that Rock’n’Roll” mm

I love shooting bands. Makes my day almost everytime The rock’n’roll and and all the goings on around the rock, dancing /drinking and random tomfoolery.  So last Thursday The Met Provided. In the olden days you could walk into The Met Cafe … and that was pretty much the whole place . Man the new one is big . and clean bathrooms with no underage drinkers possibly passed out under the urinal to step over! Blows my mind!

Openers  Cactus Attack, Then Lenny Lashley, Followed  by Drag the River.

A Damn Good Time was Had by All for what I could see!

Oh yeah ….. and There were Fanny Packs!

Beach Bar

There’s a bar in the far off land of Matunuck which I have attended for many a year. Off to visit friends i hadn’t seen in months, and what did i stumble apon ?

SHake Shake SHake, SHake Shake SHake, Shake that Bootay!

Oh and a Hello to Whitney Gustafson seen in the first couple pictures . Check her out a  The Naked Apple