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Does your Tape deck still work ?

Cleaning up and going thru boxes unaltered in over 3 moves.  As I dug , just below the 20+ empty cd cases , I found and old treasure trove!



A funny thing happened on the way to my nephews Birthday Party…. I ended up in Sturbridge Ma. A place we all know for that quaint village where in my day a wired telephone or VCR was some kind of Magic and where today when that 7-year-old whips out an I phone all the milk maids faint in horror! So the phone call that led me here Surprised Me  and certainly had the residents running for the hills!


Thanks to Earl for calling in the detour !

Stormy Days


These are some shots of the sky after the lightning passed a few days back .ODD is say- Bubbly?


H(ot) D(amn) R(elroy)

Ahh the Jetsons….Have nothing to do with this post- Although my external hard drive Sure sounds like it has a Cog loose!

I have been Bracketing my exposure while shooting lately – I started doing real estate photography – and in order to get bright beautiful insides and bright and beautiful outsides in the same photo mishmashing theses exposures is helpful . I had tried some HDR photos before but didn’t realy like the results out of photoshop most of the time. I got my hands on some newer plugins and ran out a shooting.

Also shot this Kick Ass Chevy

And then I Played  around!