Camera in hand , Computer on my back. These are the images of my world.


New site

New site is almost up and ready. Just uploading content and working out the Glitches cause…

I’m winging it  – learning as i go .

Stay tuned


I have been going thru some older shots I never finished working on. Heres one taken at Old Mystic Seaport Village



New site coming soon

While I get the new site up and running click here for a good sample gallery

Thank you R.P.A.C. 2012


Thanks for letting me be a part of a great event.

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Hell of a Weekend

Coffee Stout, a Vinyl Mixmaster, Pumpkin Buddha , Zombies, Rock’n’Roll, And a top knotch Bouncy House.

Oh Yeah and cupcakes, crazy kids, good people , party food and a PBR.

pumpkin gallery

Zombies and The KneejerksAvery’s 1st birthday

!!! Zombies try to find Providence with the Kneejerks !!!!

10 yrs

Ten years ago I was driving an old beat up dark blue AstroVan, delivering daycare lunches , and listening to Stern describe what was happening as he viewed it from one of the radio shows offices. It was all through words that I received my news of the attacks , until I reached a daycare in Lincoln where the director had a TV in her office which finally showed me the horrible scenes of the day. My memory of events is poor at best, as I find out every time I reminisce with friends, but this is one memory that is etched deep.

no  statements or images with this post but a link  to the youtube channel of story corps. They are producing touching animated shorts and trying to do one for each life lost. Please check them out .

Thanks Rocktucket. I had a good old time.


Tig & Bean


Ed Schrader’s Music Beat




Sketchy hmmmm

something new!

Charlene and Evan

Procrastination hopefully means something else was getting done – ?

Almost done with house renovations and starting a new “job” sort of,but this  hasn’t made me forget you – I am just a little Spacey at times.

I was helping a friend out with an image and found a new process I  really like .  Tell me what you think.


Part of what I love about different images  is their details or lack of. These are made by sketching over a photo then removing the photo. It gives me the opportunity to pic and choose detail . My main focus in these is portrait so the baby’s face is more prominent and the mother is lessened the true background area is left empty,  giving the same feeling of a large aperture photo with a crisp focal point and the rest of the world fades into a blur.

Oh the insanity!

Happy  4th o’ July!

and to the master of ceremonies , I tip my hat!