Camera in hand , Computer on my back. These are the images of my world.


Royalty returns , The King can still Sing

With a simple text message at 2 in the afternoon I received as awesome a christmas or pre-apocalypse present as any!


11 years in the making!

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and maybe just maybe , the world didn’t end because they played!!!!

Quackery…speculation …sound scientific theory ……You Decide!


New site coming soon

While I get the new site up and running click here for a good sample gallery



I haven’t posted in a little bit but I have been creating . So in the spirit of this New Year, here are some newly creations.

I started creating these images a few months when I helped a friend with a image for a shirt for my brother and his best friends 40th Bday trip. They stuck with me. The number grows almost daily, and for Christmas I created coloring books for 4 of my favorites little ones.

for a gallery of these images click here



Have a Happy , Safe , Foolish , Childish, Generous, Contemplative, Helpful, Silly, and Rockin New Year!

!!! Zombies try to find Providence with the Kneejerks !!!!

Summer in the fall makes the runners go!

My plans to join the Ocean Mist Columbus day run this year were foiled by me not really being prepared , so I walked it . Damn it, it still counts! So I took the opportunity to do some more shooting with the zoom I bought a little while back. She worked great but the focus was a little slow .  Congrats to all the runners and the south county animal lovers, and to me for winning one of the raffle prizes, although I am not to sure if these girly yoga sweat pants  are really my style.


“And god I love that Rock’n’Roll” mm

I love shooting bands. Makes my day almost everytime The rock’n’roll and and all the goings on around the rock, dancing /drinking and random tomfoolery.  So last Thursday The Met Provided. In the olden days you could walk into The Met Cafe … and that was pretty much the whole place . Man the new one is big . and clean bathrooms with no underage drinkers possibly passed out under the urinal to step over! Blows my mind!

Openers  Cactus Attack, Then Lenny Lashley, Followed  by Drag the River.

A Damn Good Time was Had by All for what I could see!

Oh yeah ….. and There were Fanny Packs!

Used…New To me!

I picked up a new/used lense  last week and after testing out at the Rocktucket, I needed to use it in a different setting.  Surfs up!  Not very high but it worked . I shot down to Narragansett  Wednesday to see if anyone  was playing in the ocean. Not the best move arriving at lowtide, but at least the waves picked up a bit as well as the number of surfers.

With a storm passing to the east I am hoping for some good waves Friday ? any surfers out there ? is it looking good for fri?and when?

Thanks Rocktucket. I had a good old time.


Tig & Bean


Ed Schrader’s Music Beat




you say i missed the folkfest. I say the magic of the internet!

With full belly looking for a couch where there is none, I Discovered the folkfest is live on NPR!!!!

I thought I was on the same schedule as Elvis, But alas I will share some age old memories instead.

Newport Folk Fest 2005


Wish I could have Been at this years! And A big HOLY HoWdY Do Pete Seeger says sing you Frickin SING!