Camera in hand , Computer on my back. These are the images of my world.


New site

New site is almost up and ready. Just uploading content and working out the Glitches cause…

I’m winging it  – learning as i go .

Stay tuned


I have been going thru some older shots I never finished working on. Heres one taken at Old Mystic Seaport Village



Used…New To me!

I picked up a new/used lense  last week and after testing out at the Rocktucket, I needed to use it in a different setting.  Surfs up!  Not very high but it worked . I shot down to Narragansett  Wednesday to see if anyone  was playing in the ocean. Not the best move arriving at lowtide, but at least the waves picked up a bit as well as the number of surfers.

With a storm passing to the east I am hoping for some good waves Friday ? any surfers out there ? is it looking good for fri?and when?