Camera in hand , Computer on my back. These are the images of my world.


New site coming soon

While I get the new site up and running click here for a good sample gallery


Can you feel the Love!

Can you feel the Love!!

I can …. Or will if you click on over and pick yourself up some greeting cards !

This is a series of 10 greeting cards created with valentines in mind but good to give the love on any occasion. Cards have smooth matte finish printed on 65lb cover stock. Envelopes included.
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Before Irene came to town….

I  shot some landscapes last week  before Irene came to town. I have been doing some Real Estate photography lately and it takes me to places I haven’t been and may not have known about, even places just around the corner (almost). Here are some shots.

Airport at Mansfield Hollow


And this Scene I found Northfield Ct

I’ll post some of the Real Estate images next time!


A funny thing happened on the way to my nephews Birthday Party…. I ended up in Sturbridge Ma. A place we all know for that quaint village where in my day a wired telephone or VCR was some kind of Magic and where today when that 7-year-old whips out an I phone all the milk maids faint in horror! So the phone call that led me here Surprised Me  and certainly had the residents running for the hills!


Thanks to Earl for calling in the detour !

Stormy Days


These are some shots of the sky after the lightning passed a few days back .ODD is say- Bubbly?


H(ot) D(amn) R(elroy)

Ahh the Jetsons….Have nothing to do with this post- Although my external hard drive Sure sounds like it has a Cog loose!

I have been Bracketing my exposure while shooting lately – I started doing real estate photography – and in order to get bright beautiful insides and bright and beautiful outsides in the same photo mishmashing theses exposures is helpful . I had tried some HDR photos before but didn’t realy like the results out of photoshop most of the time. I got my hands on some newer plugins and ran out a shooting.

Also shot this Kick Ass Chevy

And then I Played  around!

W2-D2 nope Not R2-D2 . That would have been Awsome!

I really liked this original photo, but wanted to pull a narrative I was seeing out of the photographic space that was holding it.

The kids where running around the backyard . In the far corner is an area once over grown that has now become tunnel like. I followed them in on the Lap and waited for the next .

This little guy was the youngest and was following the rest.

I like the wary look in his eyes as he surveys what to him must seem like Alice’s rabbit hole.

” He Crossed the threshold. His worry quelled by ample supply , a full sippy cup and trusted binky.”

Week 2 – some history

Well older pics- Last summer .


Day 3 going strong

Always Fascinated by clouds and their changing structures, Some thunderstorms rolled thru last night !

Day 2 Bloggin’

Hello Again,

I was told that it takes 21 days ingrain a habit/action into your life.  So here we are. I met a photographer when having lunch yesterday , and we talked of images and work and getting yourself outthere. He spoke of WordPress and its ease in building a site/blog . Since i had started this process once before i got home and dove right in . Thanks to Evan – check out his work @

So with the cool breezes and night rains, i jumped on my comp this morning with intent. I have approximately 60,000 images and 1 group in particular has been eluding me but as I was looking thru for something to work on i spyed it as it zipped by while scrolling thru Lightroom.