Camera in hand , Computer on my back. These are the images of my world.


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Can you feel the Love!

Can you feel the Love!!

I can …. Or will if you click on over and pick yourself up some greeting cards !

This is a series of 10 greeting cards created with valentines in mind but good to give the love on any occasion. Cards have smooth matte finish printed on 65lb cover stock. Envelopes included.
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I haven’t posted in a little bit but I have been creating . So in the spirit of this New Year, here are some newly creations.

I started creating these images a few months when I helped a friend with a image for a shirt for my brother and his best friends 40th Bday trip. They stuck with me. The number grows almost daily, and for Christmas I created coloring books for 4 of my favorites little ones.

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Have a Happy , Safe , Foolish , Childish, Generous, Contemplative, Helpful, Silly, and Rockin New Year!

Well good saturday to ya!

W2-D2 nope Not R2-D2 . That would have been Awsome!

I really liked this original photo, but wanted to pull a narrative I was seeing out of the photographic space that was holding it.

The kids where running around the backyard . In the far corner is an area once over grown that has now become tunnel like. I followed them in on the Lap and waited for the next .

This little guy was the youngest and was following the rest.

I like the wary look in his eyes as he surveys what to him must seem like Alice’s rabbit hole.

” He Crossed the threshold. His worry quelled by ample supply , a full sippy cup and trusted binky.”

DAY 7 – WEEK 1

My brother has kids, a lot of my friends have kids, I go to once rowdy parties and they are now rowdy with Kids.

Kids Are Hilarious.