Camera in hand , Computer on my back. These are the images of my world.


New site coming soon

While I get the new site up and running click here for a good sample gallery


No Green this year

I had the opportunity to help out the folks at Boston’s Greenfest last year . I had a great time with lots of music food and fun , but can’t make it this year. YOU CAN check out there site  –  check out  today thru saturday .

Check out pics from last year Here.

Here’s some new sketch images in honor of one of my Favorite familes moving back to RI


A funny thing happened on the way to my nephews Birthday Party…. I ended up in Sturbridge Ma. A place we all know for that quaint village where in my day a wired telephone or VCR was some kind of Magic and where today when that 7-year-old whips out an I phone all the milk maids faint in horror! So the phone call that led me here Surprised Me  and certainly had the residents running for the hills!


Thanks to Earl for calling in the detour !