Camera in hand , Computer on my back. These are the images of my world.

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New site

New site is almost up and ready. Just uploading content and working out the Glitches cause…

I’m winging it  – learning as i go .

Stay tuned


I have been going thru some older shots I never finished working on. Heres one taken at Old Mystic Seaport Village



Royalty returns , The King can still Sing

With a simple text message at 2 in the afternoon I received as awesome a christmas or pre-apocalypse present as any!


11 years in the making!

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and maybe just maybe , the world didn’t end because they played!!!!

Quackery…speculation …sound scientific theory ……You Decide!

New site coming soon

While I get the new site up and running click here for a good sample gallery


Thank you R.P.A.C. 2012


Thanks for letting me be a part of a great event.

Images from the Photo Booth are downloadable .

Or you can order a print

To get your Picture from the Photo Booth  – Click here to go to the Gallery.

Click here to see some of my Real Estate work.

Based in Cranston, I am available to shoot  in Rhode island and surrounding areas.

Can you feel the Love!

Can you feel the Love!!

I can …. Or will if you click on over and pick yourself up some greeting cards !

This is a series of 10 greeting cards created with valentines in mind but good to give the love on any occasion. Cards have smooth matte finish printed on 65lb cover stock. Envelopes included.
Priced at $3.25 each . get 10 for $28.00.
10 can be of same card or order the combo pack with 1 of each

Click the image or right here

And keep watching more Cards and other products to come!

Let the sun shine!

Often when working thru an image I end up creating something standalone or close to that may or may not be used in the piece i am working on . This happened last night . I have been working on creating some creating cards and this was where I was lead.


I haven’t posted in a little bit but I have been creating . So in the spirit of this New Year, here are some newly creations.

I started creating these images a few months when I helped a friend with a image for a shirt for my brother and his best friends 40th Bday trip. They stuck with me. The number grows almost daily, and for Christmas I created coloring books for 4 of my favorites little ones.

for a gallery of these images click here



Have a Happy , Safe , Foolish , Childish, Generous, Contemplative, Helpful, Silly, and Rockin New Year!

Hell of a Weekend

Coffee Stout, a Vinyl Mixmaster, Pumpkin Buddha , Zombies, Rock’n’Roll, And a top knotch Bouncy House.

Oh Yeah and cupcakes, crazy kids, good people , party food and a PBR.

pumpkin gallery

Zombies and The KneejerksAvery’s 1st birthday

!!! Zombies try to find Providence with the Kneejerks !!!!