Camera in hand , Computer on my back. These are the images of my world.


HI  I am Eric Iannuccilli, A Photographer / Digital Artist from Cranston RI . I have been Shooting since I was little, took a course in HS, and then got my BFA  at URI in Photography and Digital Art. Although I was usually found camera in hand all through my twenties I lost focus after leaving school and and meandered into more traditional occupations, and the photos were given away or stored in boxes and then on cd’s and hard drives. Photography was always lingering just out of focus. It continually resurfaced in any moment where what I really need to be doing was the topic , internal or external. But I had faded from the other portion of my creative process- digital manipulation and creation. Over the past two years thanks to sketch pads , my laptop(MBP) and my rediscovery of Photoshop, as well as learning Illustrator, I have regained focus. I also think I can attribute it to age , meditation, and a calmer and less Intoxicating lifestyle. Capturing a moment, creating one, or informing reality drive the images I create.


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