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“And god I love that Rock’n’Roll” mm

I love shooting bands. Makes my day almost everytime The rock’n’roll and and all the goings on around the rock, dancing /drinking and random tomfoolery.  So last Thursday The Met Provided. In the olden days you could walk into The Met Cafe … and that was pretty much the whole place . Man the new one is big . and clean bathrooms with no underage drinkers possibly passed out under the urinal to step over! Blows my mind!

Openers  Cactus Attack, Then Lenny Lashley, Followed  by Drag the River.

A Damn Good Time was Had by All for what I could see!

Oh yeah ….. and There were Fanny Packs!


Used…New To me!

I picked up a new/used lense  last week and after testing out at the Rocktucket, I needed to use it in a different setting.  Surfs up!  Not very high but it worked . I shot down to Narragansett  Wednesday to see if anyone  was playing in the ocean. Not the best move arriving at lowtide, but at least the waves picked up a bit as well as the number of surfers.

With a storm passing to the east I am hoping for some good waves Friday ? any surfers out there ? is it looking good for fri?and when?

10 yrs

Ten years ago I was driving an old beat up dark blue AstroVan, delivering daycare lunches , and listening to Stern describe what was happening as he viewed it from one of the radio shows offices. It was all through words that I received my news of the attacks , until I reached a daycare in Lincoln where the director had a TV in her office which finally showed me the horrible scenes of the day. My memory of events is poor at best, as I find out every time I reminisce with friends, but this is one memory that is etched deep.

no  statements or images with this post but a link  to the youtube channel of story corps. They are producing touching animated shorts and trying to do one for each life lost. Please check them out .

Thanks Rocktucket. I had a good old time.


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