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you say i missed the folkfest. I say the magic of the internet!

With full belly looking for a couch where there is none, I Discovered the folkfest is live on NPR!!!!

I thought I was on the same schedule as Elvis, But alas I will share some age old memories instead.

Newport Folk Fest 2005


Wish I could have Been at this years! And A big HOLY HoWdY Do Pete Seeger says sing you Frickin SING!


Beach Bar

There’s a bar in the far off land of Matunuck which I have attended for many a year. Off to visit friends i hadn’t seen in months, and what did i stumble apon ?

SHake Shake SHake, SHake Shake SHake, Shake that Bootay!

Oh and a Hello to Whitney Gustafson seen in the first couple pictures . Check her out a  The Naked Apple

Procrastination hopefully means something else was getting done – ?

Almost done with house renovations and starting a new “job” sort of,but this  hasn’t made me forget you – I am just a little Spacey at times.

I was helping a friend out with an image and found a new process I  really like .  Tell me what you think.


Part of what I love about different images  is their details or lack of. These are made by sketching over a photo then removing the photo. It gives me the opportunity to pic and choose detail . My main focus in these is portrait so the baby’s face is more prominent and the mother is lessened the true background area is left empty,  giving the same feeling of a large aperture photo with a crisp focal point and the rest of the world fades into a blur.

Well good saturday to ya!

Oh the insanity!

Happy  4th o’ July!

and to the master of ceremonies , I tip my hat!