Camera in hand , Computer on my back. These are the images of my world.

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We’ll hello there

“God I love that Rock’n’Roll!” – MM

I went to an awesome  house party a little while back and while this fella was rippin’ on his bass , the bass ripped back!


My favorite Rock n Roll family


I Made this for my friends Rob and Shayna and their brood.


Oh Grashopper Its a Monday!

Busy day and Weekend -although not in the Photo way-

So here is a little friend we found just because-

I really need a macro lens!

W2-D2 nope Not R2-D2 . That would have been Awsome!

I really liked this original photo, but wanted to pull a narrative I was seeing out of the photographic space that was holding it.

The kids where running around the backyard . In the far corner is an area once over grown that has now become tunnel like. I followed them in on the Lap and waited for the next .

This little guy was the youngest and was following the rest.

I like the wary look in his eyes as he surveys what to him must seem like Alice’s rabbit hole.

” He Crossed the threshold. His worry quelled by ample supply , a full sippy cup and trusted binky.”

Week 2 – some history

Well older pics- Last summer .


DAY 7 – WEEK 1

My brother has kids, a lot of my friends have kids, I go to once rowdy parties and they are now rowdy with Kids.

Kids Are Hilarious.


6 – HMMMmmmm……


I started working in  illustrator within the past year. These images use Photography but originate more as an idea first. I will put up a gallery soon with more images where illustrator plays a more major role.




Day 5. Lets see them Pups

I drove from North Port ,Florida back to RI in May. Along the way , I stopped and visited friends and Family. My aunt commissioned me to take portraits of her two kids …..  Dogs. Will crazy rowdy dogs. I have never tried to take a portrait of a dog . I gotta say , between dogs and little kids, Solid 50/50 at the listening and sitting still .


I am not #4 , But this is

I had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with far flung family lately. Saddened times may bring you together , But the good times shared Remain. So meet some family.


This last guy is my Dad. Happy Fathers Day

Day 3 going strong

Always Fascinated by clouds and their changing structures, Some thunderstorms rolled thru last night !